Wooden beads

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When you look around, it is obvious that our society turns back to nature. It's not just about organic foods, clothes made of natural materials, but also the food, the jewelry. And it is worn only girls or women but also men. It certainly did not expect Mr. Johann Schovánek, when in 1908 stood at that time, a modern plant in Albrechtice, which dealt with the production of wooden goods and production of wooden beads . The factory is still there and still continues in the inhalation form and color of the wood. More information about the wooden beads.

The wooden cross - 1pc - W16

The wooden cross - 1pc - W16

Wooden Beads - Mix - 100g - 09

Qty. 5 ks
Wooden Beads - Mix - 100g - 09

Wooden Beads - Natural - 04

Qty. 1 ks
Wooden Beads - Natural - 04

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Maria Mazzei

Great communication, super fast shipping, very good quality and all BEAUTIFUL beads. I like all the beads I purchased, but I really love fire polished.Thanks a lot, I would like to buy again soon!