Faceted beads

Information about faceted beads and fire polished beads

Its name fire polished already tells something about the manufacture of the beads - that is associated with fire. Our ancestors - manufacturers beads - the desire to create beads that would be like precious stones - diamonds, emeralds, or rubínům ametystům. Pressed beads and began to grind by hand and create on their surface facets resembling precious stones. These surfaces were dull and scratched, it is therefore necessary to polish it. Only water with sand, which is used for polishing of pressed beads, but not sufficient, because the patches did not remove scratches. Glass artists have begun to use fire - grinding beads to put their ovens, where warm, slightly natavily and so unsightly scratches disappear. Furthermore, beads have acquired a beautiful shine. More information about faceted and polished beads.

Crystal Beads - 4mm - 50g - B497

Crystal Beads - 4mm - 50g - B497

Crystal Drops - 19mm x 8mm - crystal - 1pc - B603

Crystal Drops - 19mm x 8mm - crystal - 1pc - B603

Cut Beads - 8mm - 100g - B732

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Cut Beads - 8mm - 100g - B732

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Maria Mazzei

Great communication, super fast shipping, very good quality and all BEAUTIFUL beads. I like all the beads I purchased, but I really love fire polished.Thanks a lot, I would like to buy again soon!