Cat eyes

Cat's eyes - History

In ancient Egypt the cat was sacred. This was mainly due to the specific color and shape changes in their eyes. The cat was the reincarnation of the Egyptian goddess Bastet. Were among the most respected and most important domestic animal in ancient Egypt. Their eyes can change over time as the shape and color.

It is for these properties have taken an example of manufacturers and their idea inhaled form of cat's eyes to beads was simply unique. Incurred so glass beads or precious stones, which today are not just classic shape balls , but also heart oválku, dice, or a fraction. Color is rich as well as shapes. We can find the color pink, white, blue, green, black or red. And it is far from all colors. If you take bead into his palm, hide breath at its beauty. Its uniqueness lies in its color and měňavosti. Beads of cat eyes are the wonderful and special because they have no permanent color, but when viewed from different directions, "throws" rainbow colors. Exactly like cat's eyes . Just for its uniqueness are also used to produce Budhových bracelets, which are designed for meditation. More information about the cat's eyes.

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Maria Mazzei

Great communication, super fast shipping, very good quality and all BEAUTIFUL beads. I like all the beads I purchased, but I really love fire polished.Thanks a lot, I would like to buy again soon!